Help your business grow with effective and simple-to-use daily operations tools.

What is i4Tradies?

i4Tradies is a simple tool using your phone (App) that helps you drive new business, quote for jobs, schedule jobs from start through to completion, assign work to an employee and take payment.  It’s a tool that helps your business grow and simplifies how you manage your daily operations.

What is the member exclusive?

In Victoria, the i4Tradies App is only available to plumbers who are members of Master Plumbers, giving our members a competitive edge.  The platform is free to access and Master Plumbers members in Victoria will pay zero transaction fees in the first year up to the value of their annual Master Plumbers membership fee. Members will receive a discount on transaction fees thereafter.

For more information about this member exclusive read the step by step guide.

Trial i4Tradies for free

Click on the link below to register for the free trial, read our FAQs to find out more, or contact the Master Plumbers Membership team, phone 03 9329 9622 or email [email protected]