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Master Plumbers COVID19 contact information

Master Plumbers staff are currently working remotely, but can be contacted as usual on any of the details below.


Natalie O’Regan, Membership Coordinator
0437 028 616   [email protected]

Workplace Relations

Phil Eberhard, Senior Workplace Advisor
0425 790 722  [email protected]

OHS and Return to Work

Frank Geremia, OH&S and Return to Work Manager
0425 770 013  [email protected]

Technical Advice

Gary Bath, Chief Technical Advisor
0437 572 386  [email protected]

Media and Communications

Daniel Carroll, Media and Communications Manager
0429 638 865  [email protected]


Brendan Gould – GM Training & Industry Development
0430 789 671  [email protected]

Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria and PSS

Natalie Reynolds, GM Business Development and Operations
0439 481 274  [email protected]

Jeff Rowden, Senior Field Officer
0438 287 491  [email protected]

Dale Scott, Field Officer
0437 590 915  [email protected]

And remember to visit our website for the latest information.

Please note our offices are not currently open to visitors .


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