About us

Established in 1891, Master Plumbers is Australia's largest plumbing industry association.

Master Plumbers recognises the vital role plumbing plays in developing and maintaining public health and ensuring the environmental sustainability of our communities.

An industry leader for 130 years, Master Plumbers is a trusted source of information, advice and expertise for our members, the industry, government and the community.

Our large membership represents a powerful and reputable group. We lobby on behalf of members to protect and effect change to the industry and in support of various plumbing, business and environmental recommendations.

The Association regularly liaises with organisations including:

  • Victorian Building Authority
  • Plumbing Advisory Council
  • Australian Building Codes Board
  • Standards Australia
  • World Plumbing Council
  • Energy Safe Victoria
  • Various local Water Authorities

The opinions of our members are important and we regularly seek comments and feedback on issues affecting their business and the plumbing industry via our e-news and the Members Online Forum.

Our Vision and our Mission

Our vision is a strong, respected and sustainable plumbing industry.

Our mission is to provide representation and services to support the success of our members, the future of the plumbing industry and the health of the community.

Our History

In 1891, 57 plumbing contractors paid a £1 subscription to enable the establishment of the Associated Master Plumbers of Victoria. The first member to pay a fee was Mr J.E. Cornochan of Jackson Street St Kilda. By 1893 the Association was recommending a course of lectures which included items such as plumber’s work and house drainage in relation to public health, bad plumbing and its prevention, the effects of bad plumbing and drainage work and the system of sewerage as adopted by the Metropolitan Board of Works. Today, the Master Plumbers has over 1,000 active members accessing information, advice and training.

The Master Plumbers Crest

The Master Plumbers Crest features Hygieia, the Greek Goddess of health, hygiene and sanitation. She is also associated with the prevention of sickness and the continuation of good health.

Hygieia was first adopted as the insignia of the Association in February 1920, together with the motto (in English) “For the health of my country”.

By incorporating Hygieia in the Master Plumbers crest, the Association recognises the important role that plumbing plays in public health and safety.

Master Plumbers Policies

Use the links below to download the Rules of the Association, our Privacy Policy and our members Code of Ethics.