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What Host Employer incentives are currently available through PAV?



Since the 1st August, PAV became eligible to receive JobKeeper in its own right.  Currently JobKeeper payments are $1200/fortnight paid to PAV by the ATO for each eligible apprentice. 

PAV has chosen to pass JobKeeper payments back to Host Employers when you hire an eligible apprentice.

Supporting Apprentices and Trainees (SAT) – Apprentice Wage Subsidy

The Federal Government has also implemented the Supporting Apprentices and Trainees (SAT) – Apprentice Wage Subsidy program which is a separate program with different eligibility criteria and administered through Dept of Education, Skills & Employment. 

The SAT program provides a subsidy based on 50% of the eligible Apprentices Wage to a maximum of $7000/quarter with claims lodged at the end of each quarter.

PAV’s approach

PAV can only access either JobKeeper or SAT for eligible apprentice at any one time (no double dipping!).  JobKeeper will be PAV’s first option for all eligible apprentices, it attracts a higher payment than SAT and is claimed at end of each month, rather than quarterly. 

Example: A 1st Year eligible apprentice working a full week under JobKeeper would attract $600 credit, however sane apprentice using SAT incentive would only attract $250 credit.

Benefits to Host Employers

  • Receive a higher incentive by using PAV than directly hiring yourself.
  • Improved Cashflow – JobKeeper’s more frequent claim periods mean credits are applied sooner
  • Credits do not affect your own income and subsequently your own JobKeeper eligibility
  • PAV offers flexibility of labour – critical during times of uncertainty
  • As your credits build up, you can use this for future hiring’s and invoices.
  • Option to receive a refund of credits if you prefer.
  • You are unable to claim JobKeeper for any new apprentices hired directly after 1/7/20.


How do I access these incentives through PAV?

Hire an apprentice – invoicing and payment terms continue as usual.    

When PAV receives the JobKeeper refund from the ATO, it is passed back to the you as a credit to your account.  Hiring’s less than a full week will receive credit applied on a pro rata basis.    

Who is eligible?

All Hosts will receive the incentive regardless of your own JobKeeper status or business size whilst PAV and the apprentice remains eligible to receive JobKeeper.

Check with our Field Officers before you hire on eligibility of apprentices.  

What happens when PAV’s Job Keeper stops?

When PAV are no longer in receipt of JobKeeper, we will revert to utilising SAT for eligible apprentices and advise you of the change. 

For further questions about this please call Jacqui Johnson 0406 996 301

To hire a PAV apprentice now – call Dale Scott 0437 590 915 or Jeff Rowden 0438 287 491