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Free health check

Incolink, in partnership with Australian Prostate Centre, recently launched the Incolink Bus, a new initiative that delivers enhanced health checks to construction workers in Victoria and Tasmania.

Getting to the doctor can be a hassle for construction workers, so the doctor is coming to them. The brand new, purpose built mobile facility is fitted with two fully equipped consulting rooms and a waiting room.

It will enable GPs and nursing staff to travel to construction sites across Victoria and Tasmania delivering health checks such as prostate, skin cancer, cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure checks to workers.

Free health check

The 12-metre-long, custom built Scania coach will be funded and run by the construction industry’s redundancy fund and aims to tackle the rate of prostate cancer among men in construction among other health issues.

Individual health checks take 20 minutes per worker and are bulk billed so there is no cost to workers or employers. It is anticipated that around 4,000 health checks will be delivered to construction workers each year on the Incolink Bus.

Incolink CEO Dan O’Brien said the bus would play an important role in improving construction workers’ health and wellbeing, with Incolink committed to ensuring workers are fit and healthy as well as safe on-site.

“Too many Australians, particularly men, put off a trip to the GP because they’re too busy or just not keen to discuss their health issues,” he said. Mr O’Brien said the health checks would be voluntary and confidential, while helping put workers in touch with other support services when needed.

“Seeing a GP or nurse is often the first step in talking about something that’s been bothering you physically or mentally,” he said. “Incolink Health Checks can help provide peace of mind to workers or deliver an early warning to consider lifestyle changes or seek further advice.”

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