What is CPD?

Master Plumber’s CPD program will help you (and the plumbers who work for you) to maintain and improve your knowledge and skills.    

Don’t get caught out with changes in technology or regulations

Tighter government regulations, new technology and changing consumer demands mean that plumbers need to undertake ongoing learning to stay up-to-date.

The Master Plumbers’ CPD program encourages you to continue learning by asking you to complete 12 ‘points’ of learning activities each year.  Different type of learning (like courses or technical reading) earn different points. We may also sometimes require you to complete specific activities for your area of licensing.

Our CPD program covers the wide range of areas that you and your teams need to learn about to be successful plumbers and business managers.  Approved activities currently include technical training, business, OH&S and workplace relations.

CPD designed for plumbers by plumbers

We understand that time off-site for you or your team means lost revenue!   Our structured program makes it quick and easy for you to find and track recommended learning activities with an online ‘toolbox’.   We’ve also included as learning activities some of the things you already do, like watching online manufacturer videos, reading technical worksheets or attending expos.

For larger plumbing businesses, our program can help you keep track of the training your plumbers undertake, including any in-house training you might run.   It could help them to broaden their skill sets, complete online learning whilst on site or encourage them to undertake OH&S or project management training.

  1. How it works
    How it works

    Read more about the structure of the CPD program, how to earn CPD points, plus how to use our CPD toolbox to keep track of your points.

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Our CPD toolbox will help you keep track of your points earned and any required activities.
Plus, if you signup, we’ll make sure you know about the latest learning opportunities across the industry in Victoria.

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