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Counting the cost of Australia’s bushfires

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Australia remains in the grip of devastating fires with some still blazing across the country. While there is a lot to report on in the case of devastation we can see, it will be some time before we can accurately count the cost of damage to property and critical infrastructure that we rely on.

Counting the cost of Australia’s bushfires

ABOVE: Bernie Farquhar taking delivery of donated fire pump systems from Kevin Shinners on behalf of Master Plumbers

For example, we have already had reports from members in bushfire affected areas returning to their properties to find that although some houses and sheds remain intact, the intense heat created by the fires has melted valves used to control the flow of water to and from the properties and exploded polyethylene pipe networks below ground level by turning contained water into steam.

There is also the case of ash, debris and firefighting effluent contaminating water supply and compromising filtration systems.

As we wait for a time when it is safe to begin the challenging task of rebuilding these communities, we are supporting those with immediate needs as best we can.

Master Plumbers has been in contact with members who are in the fire affected areas, some of whom are directly involved in the emergency response to these fires. We have relied on their ‘on the ground’ advice to ensure that our response matches their immediate needs.

This has included the provision of new portable fire pumps and hoses by Master Plumbers to the worst hit areas to transfer water for stock and fire requirements. We note and thank Elliot Bros of Bendigo and Fire Industry Supplies for their generosity in assisting us to do this. We have also made donations to CFA and BlazeAid on behalf of our members.

Looking forward, Master Plumbers will play a significant role in helping members and our industry with the rebuilding phase through technical advice and liaison with regulators authorities and government to ensure red tape doesn’t impede efforts.

We have established a hotline for those in need to contacts us at [email protected] or on (03) 9329 9622.


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