Finally, a pump station designed to make your job easier!

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Finally, a pump station designed to make your job easier!

Pump stations are incredibly useful for solving plumbing challenges. 

Typically, they come as a portable container with a pump and other components that can be put in the ground to transport sewage and wastewater to higher ground. But, as any plumber who’s ever set up and installed one will know, most of the pump stations available in today’s market are time-consuming to assemble and you need to put in the hard yards to fix into place. 

So, when Polymaster decided to create its own line of pump stations, their engineers were determined to come up with a product that was far less of a grind for plumbers to install.

Their mission: to create a pump station that was easy to use but would not compromise on quality, reliability, efficiency, and function. 

To strike a balance between form and function, the engineering team worked very closely with those on the frontline - the plumbers themselves - to better understand their pain points. After listening to their feedback and applying it to the designs, they developed superior pump stations that are:

·       Easy to install

·       Lightweight and versatile

·       Self-anchoring and robust

·       Australian made and certified

Let’s take a closer look at how these features are a game-changer for plumbers.

Easy to install

Installing a pump station can be time-consuming – not only because you often need to anchor it with concrete, but you also need to assemble the different components. This includes the pipework, the pump itself, mounting the high-level alarm, and ensuring there’s an electricity connection for the power point.

There are also site considerations to factor in: the high-level/safe sewerage level and alarm needs to be mounted separately on a nearby wall or surface and, depending on how deep the pump station needs to be installed in the ground, the inlet and outlet pipes may need to sit at variable heights, which adds even more time to installation. 

By contrast, Polymaster’s pump stations come pre-assembled and pre-plumbed with the bull valve, swing check valve and barrel union already fitted. The alarm also comes mounted as part of the unit, which further streamlines the installation process.

Thanks to input from plumbers, and the ingenuity of our designers and engineers, installing a Polymaster pump station can take as little as 10 minutes. 

Lightweight and versatile

Due to their shape and design, pump stations are often cumbersome and difficult to lift. Polymaster pump stations are lightweight enough to be transported to site using a standard ute. They also come with lifting lugs to make manoeuvrability on- site much simpler, literally taking the pressure off your back!

For maximum versatility, Polymaster pump stations come in three sizes: 700-litre; 1,000-litre; and 1,300-litre. You get a choice of two pumps: one for grey water and another for black water. 

Self-anchoring and robust

To ensure the pump inside the station stays stable and upright, many pump stations require anchoring into the ground with cement. Plumbers spend hours mixing and pouring cement and waiting for it to set.

Polymaster’s pump stations use smart design to create a strong, self-anchoring structure. With a flat base and purpose-designed ribbing on its exterior, these pump stations can be placed in the ground quickly and easily - without the need for a concrete foundation and without compromising on strength, plus a heavy-duty lid rated to 500 kilograms.

Australian made and certified

Polymaster pump stations undergo rigorous testing and are designed and built to AS/NZS 1546.1 standards. These standards ensure compliance with design, manufacturing and performance requirements for septic tanks and fittings used to treat domestic wastewater, which can give you peace of mind when it comes to gaining local council approvals. 
Installing a pump station no longer needs to be a time-consuming and strenuous process. That’s because Polymaster pump stations are designed with you, the plumber, in mind.  
Visit the Polymaster website to learn more or watch a product walk-though video of the Polymaster Pump Station range. 


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