Make the Switch to time and money-saving mixer technology

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The use of traditional mixer bodies on job sites can often be fraught with issues. The building job timeline can be prolonged due to delays in decision-making, or parts being out of stock. There is also the potential for parts to be damaged, misplaced or stolen during the process of construction.

Make the Switch to time and money-saving mixer technology

SwitchMix® by Phoenix is a revolutionary innovative technology offering the ultimate flexibility with bathroom fittings. Consisting of two main components, the Rough-In Kit (in-wall component) and Fit-Off Kit (the cartridge, handle and backplate), SwitchMix® allows more time for your clients to consider the design and finish selections without holding up construction as the components can be ordered separately.

There are many benefits for those in the plumbing industry to make the move towards this new mixer technology.


Because the cartridge is supplied with the Fit-Off Kit, box sizes for the Rough-In Kits are very compact and easy to store or carry in a van. These compact Rough-In Kits can be carried on hand with ease and are readily available for the next job.  There is no risk of damage to finishes as these parts are stored separately in the Fit-Off Kit box.   

SwitchMix® product will be easily accessible through various plumbing merchants, making it simple to purchase as required.

Low-cost rough-in

Mixer cartridges are supplied with Fit-Off Kits, keeping Rough-In Kits low-cost and easy to install. Both the convenient compact box size and low-cost means that Rough-In Kits can be carried as a standard plumbing fitting. 


The two SwitchMix® components (Rough-In Kit and Fit-Off Kit) allow Plumbers to split work across the rough-in and fit-off stages. Fit-Off Kit design and finish can be decided and ordered later, preventing expensive delays on the job site.

Pressure Testing

There are easy options available for testing water lines without the cartridge or a hot water service connection. High-pressure testing is suitable for up to 1500kPa

Innovative seal

With SwitchMix®, waterproofing is sealed around an innovative plastic sleeve. A future switch to another style or finish is made simple, with only front-of-wall changes necessary, and without compromising the integrity of the waterproofing.

After the Rough-In and testing stages, the cement/plaster sheeting is attached. The waterproofing membrane is then applied right up to the waterproofing sleeve. After tiling, the waterproofing sleeve is then trimmed to be flush with the tile face. The Fit-Off Kit can then be installed.

Flexible selections

SwitchMix® is compatible with multiple Phoenix collections, with up to five finishes to choose from. This allows your client to easily select a new design or finish in the future without having to remove or damage tiles and compromise the waterproofing, as all the changes are made front-of-wall.

This opens a whole new world of design opportunities, with the flexibility to easily follow trends as they come and go.

Initially available in the most popular Phoenix collections, the options for SwitchMix® compatible designs and finishes will continue to grow, offering even more choices in the future.

Multi-residential benefits

Building developers can easily create multiple looks in one multi-residential project, offering buyers more flexibility and the opportunity to easily update their tapware in the future.

To watch a video explaining the features and benefits of SwitchMix® and to find out more, visit the Phoenix Tapware website here.


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