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Phoenix Tapware’s Builder’s Collection creates convenience at the rough-in stage

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The Phoenix Builders collection features a timeless, understated design and high-quality construction, ideal for any kitchen and bathroom. But one of its most revolutionary features is helping plumbers save time and money.

Phoenix Tapware’s Builder’s Collection creates convenience at the rough-in stage

As anyone in the building trade knows, time is money, and waiting for a consumer to choose their finishes can often create pressure and delays, especially when it comes to bulk builds.

To help tackle this issue, Phoenix has created the Builders Collection: a specially selected suite of products designed to suit the needs of builders. They are convenient to install and a budget-friendly option.

The most exciting feature of the collection, however, is that it comes with a universal body that can be purchased at the early stage of a build. The rough-in body can then be installed, allowing a project to be partially completed with the tapware easily fitted later in the final stage.

The products within the Builders Collection can be used in all aspects of a kitchen and bathroom project, as the rough-in and trim kits are sold separately for shower/wall mixers, shower/bath diverter mixer and wall mixers.

Where the collection really comes into its own is on large or multi-property projects as bodies and kits can be bought in bulk from the outset and installed well ahead of selection. This not only helps manage cash flow, but minimises the risk of misplacing, damaging, or scratching the trim kit during construction.

Like the main Phoenix Tapware collections, the products in the Builder’s Collection are beautifully designed and include Arlo, Ivy MKII, Pina and Teva, and are available in chrome, brushed nickel and matte black.

How does it work?

The process is simple:

  • Stage 1: the customer selects a finish - the design /collection can be chosen at a later stage, so the job isn’t held up.
  • Stage 2: rough-in stage - Rough-in Kits can be installed in the selected finish. This can be completed before final tapware selection needs to be made.
  • Stage 3: plaster and tile walls and final tapware selection - if a collection has not been chosen yet, customer can make the final selection in the finish selected earlier.
  • Stage 4: fit-off stage - install trim kit. This stage can be carried out by an apprentice if needed

The round out the benefits, the majority of Phoenix products are sold with a 7-year warranty or lifetime warranty, and a large range of our products hold a 6 Star WELS rating.


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