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Save on power this winter

Winter officially arrives this week and many Victorians will be worried about the cost of keeping warm.

Master Plumbers, an association that prides itself on advocating for its members and the Victorian public, recommends keeping heating serviced and cleaned to ensure efficient use even on the chilliest evening.

CEO Peter Daly said using a registered plumber, type A gasfitter for Gas Heaters, can ensure a heater runs at its optimum, drawing less power than if it is pushing through built up dust or poor fittings.

Over the three months of winter, heating costs represent about one-third of the typical electricity bill in Victoria and Australia-wide we are predicted to “blow $1.09 billion on wasteful heating habits this winter alone”, according to estimates by comparison site Mozo.

According to recent Mozo research, more than 1 in 5 Australians are guilty of committing the top three wasteful behaviours:

  1. Taking longer showers to warm up;
  2. Cranking up the heat so they can wear t-shirts at home; and
  3. Leaving the heating running for hours for pets during the day.

“Our survey found Australians have a penchant for longer showers in winter with 54 per cent of the population guilty of this habit. We estimated an extra three minutes under the showerhead each day could come at a total national cost of $365 million over the cooler months,” said Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont. That’s about $81 to your power bill?

When it came to drying our clothes, 28 per cent of Aussies admitted to using a tumble dryer instead of hanging the washing out on a sunny day, costing $144 million nationwide.

Survey respondants also admitted to leaving the heating on so they could return to a warm home, costing $107 million as well as keeping the home cozy for their pets ($249 million) while they were out, with men being the likely culprit for both. 
Other bad habits included leaving the heating on in empty rooms, heating the whole house instead of blocking off the rooms that aren’t being used and using the electric blanket instead of a hot water bottle.

So if you’re one of the many Aussies currently re-considering your showering habits, Lamont has some words of advice to help you get your energy usage back on the right track.

“Simple strategies like setting your thermostat at a comfortable temperature and rugging up, using door snakes and draught excluders as well as caulking any gaps around window frames, can slash the size of your heating bill this winter,” she said.

“If you need to turn on the heating, be savvy about it and only heat the rooms you are currently using.”