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How business owners can gain control in an uncertain climate

Some of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 outbreak are our business owners, particularly those in small and medium-sized organisations.

Having to stand-down staff, not knowing what the business’ future holds and being responsible for people with questions that can’t be easily answered are just a few of the issues.

While it can feel extremely stressful having so many unknowns- you may be surprised by the mental and emotional shifts experienced when you get on top of the things you can control.

How business owners can gain control in an uncertain climate

Focus on what you can control

While you may be used to planning months or even years ahead, shifting your focus to days and weeks means you can be more responsive to news and support as it unfolds. This also gives you the brain space to focus on the people and priorities around you more effectively.

Keeping a calm and practical approach as much as possible can help to stop your mind from running ahead to all the ‘what-ifs’ that may never happen, and instead deal with those things you’re sure of.

Get informed so you can make the best decisions

There are many helpful resources out there to support businesses through this tough time. Sifting through them can be overwhelming, so sticking to the official websites can simplify things.

Going directly to the information provided by the Federal Government or your State Government will ensure that all the misinformation isn’t adding to your confusion.

Prioritise your own mental health!

You will be far more effective in supporting your business and the people in it if you’re mentally healthy.

Beyond Blue have created an excellent resource for small business owners to help identify stressors in their business and what actions can be taken to alleviate them.

SuperFriend has also put together a COVID-19 Support Guide.

Get equipped to support the people around you

You don’t have to have all the answers - no one does right now - just be as frank as you can with your employees about that and make sure they know you are doing your best to bring them as much information as you can.

Keeping the communications lines open will mean you have opportunity to hear from them about their needs and can avoid misinformation, uncertainty and smaller issues growing into major problems.

Cbus employers enjoy special access to SuperFriend’s programs and resources. Contact SuperFriend for more information.


This article was provided by Cbus’ workplace mental health and wellbeing Partner, SuperFriend, and reproduced with their permission.

SuperFriend is not a health or crisis service, nor does it provide clinical advice or professional services. The information provided is intended for educational and information purposes only. It cannot take the place of any professional medical help, diagnosis or treatment. If you are in crisis, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14. Cbus’ partnership with mental health promotion foundation, SuperFriend, provides member and employers with opportunities to create mentally healthy workplaces, visit for more information.

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Incolink – Grant – FY 2023


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