Industry Updates

New Water Metering & Servicing Guidelines

In recent months South East Water, Yarra Valley Water and City West Water have conducted a review of the Water Metering & Servicing Guidelines Version 8 (2017).

As a result, the Guideline has been updated to include a number of changes, as listed below:

  • The index now has hyperlinks to all topics and meter drawings from the index, making it easier to find the info you need
  • The new sprinkler codes FPAA101D & H have been addressed in the guideline (Pgs. 43 & 45)
  • New Dry Tapping information and requirements (City West Water only - Appendix B)
  • New Dry Tapping drawings (City West Water only - Pgs. 105, 107 & 108)
  • Meter assemblies can be installed parallel to water mains (Pg. 13)
  • Clarity on maintenance responsibility on a drinking water/recycled water service where the main meter is greater than 2m from the property boundary (Fig 17)
  • Clarity on mandated & recommended dual supply for critical & sensitive customers (Yarra Valley Water only - Appendix A)

The new Guideline Version 8.1 (2020) is now available here


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