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If businesses have issued permits with future date ranges, they do not need to reissue permitted worker permits.
Businesses can edit and add to the dates on the permitted worker permits they have currently issued to workers if required.


Master Plumbers welcomed today’s release of a roadmap for the construction industry.

The plumbing industry Association has been at the forefront of a collaborative and comprehensive industry effort to plan the return of construction activity and was reassured by the inclusion of nearly all the recommendations that industry sent to the Premier last week.

Master Plumbers, along with many in the community, is disappointed that Victoria is not able to commence a significant re-opening as hoped in mid-September but understands the Government’s caution, based on the health data.

Master Plumbers CEO, Peter Daly, said that Master Plumbers had encouraged Government to set clear and visible targets for the resumption of business and welcomed the increased transparency of conditions required to do so.

“This allows businesses to plan, the community to respond and people to have hope,” he said.

Master Plumbers has been working closely with Government Ministers and Departments to ensure the plumbing industry’s needs are known and met.

“We congratulate the Government for its collaborative approach over recent weeks and look forward to getting our industry fully back to work as soon as possible. We will further engage on how this can be done safely and responsibly over coming days,” Mr. Daly said.

Mr Daly reiterated that everyone in the building and construction industry must continue to play their part to ensure compliance with the restrictions and demonstrate zero tolerance for breaches of COVIDsafe protocols – on all sites and in the home.

“This is the only way we will get infections down, restrictions eased, and a return to something resembling normal before Christmas,” Mr. Daly said.

“The Government has now laid out the roadmap, we need to make sure we all drive it safely and to the rules.”

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