Employment options

Looking for an apprentice job in Victoria? Find out more about plumbing jobs in Victoria

If you’re looking for a Plumbing Apprenticeship, there are two ways you can obtain one:

  1. Apply to Master Plumbers apprentice scheme known as Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria; or
  2. Seek employment with a plumbing company directly

Vacancies for both are advertised widely, including on websites such as Seek.

Apprentices increase their chance of success if they:

  • have completed a Pre-Apprenticeship in Plumbing or have experience working with their hands;
  • hold a valid driver’s license;
  • have a vehicle to enable transport to and from site/work.

An apprenticeship requires you to commit to attend work and Trade School (your Registered Training Organisation), for a nominal duration of 4 years.

In return you can expect:

  • to be paid at least the rates provided by MA000036 Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers Award;
  • to be provided with support and supervision for your day-to-day training to give you every opportunity to complete your apprenticeship;
  • to be paid for your time off work to attend Trade School;
  • a safe working environment

Master Plumbers pays above Award to attract the best apprentices and places you in a variety of work environments to work with host employers who can teach you different aspects of plumbing.