Why Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria?

Looking for an apprentice job in Victoria? Want to know why should you join the Industry Scheme for Plumbing Apprentices?

5 reasons why you should apply to join Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria

  1. We pay more. We care more.

    At Master Plumbers, we have a team of professionals whose job is to shape your apprenticeship experience. This dedicated team of Field Officers help to monitor your progress, help you troubleshoot and keep you engaged in work.

    We also pay more than the Award:

    • Above Award hourly rates in the domestic sector
    • We will pay you as if you have completed year 12, even if you haven’t
    • We will match the Union EBA rates when you are working in that environment
    • We will pay you Fares and Travel, which amounts to approx $100 per week when you wouldn’t be entitled to it if working direct for a Plumber. We even pay this for you to travel to and from your Registered Training Organisation
    • We allocate your centre of employment to one of our PICAC training centres which means your travel radius is bespoke to you
    • We pay all Apprentices Incolink and convert your unused personal leave to portable sick leave upon completion, regardless of the environment you work in
    • We pay Public Holidays at the rate where you are placed
    • We average out your time working in Union EBA or Domestic environments and pay for your time at Trade School at the rate where you’ve spent the most time 

    More information about our PAV Enterprise Agreement is contained in a helpful summary sheet.

  2. Benefit from job placements in different plumbing companies in commercial, industrial and domestic sectors

    Our Plumbing-specific scheme is the only one of its kind in Victoria. We only do plumbing. The scheme is designed to make sure our Apprentices don’t get bogged down doing the same repetitive job for the term of their apprenticeship.

    We have Host Employers working across greater Melbourne in numerous fields. As an Apprentice with PAV, our program seeks to move you to Host Employers who need a hand.

    So for your Apprenticeship you will get a greater variety of experience by being placed with many different types of plumbing companies in commercial, industrial and domestic environments.

    This gives you unrivalled connections that you can call upon when you graduate.

    If you are adaptable, enjoy meeting new people and always keeping things interesting, this might be for you.

  3. Get access to our Private Registered Training Organisation in State of the Art facilities

    The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) is the most innovative training complex in Victoria.

    Master Plumbers is the only plumbing training provider with access to these unique and highly sought after facilities.

    Read more about state-of-the-art training facilities

  4. Get through the VBA "Journeyman's" exam the first time

    Our graduating students exceed industry expectation.

    When it’s time to sit your final exam, our apprentices can rest easy knowing our average pass rate is in the high 90% range, far above the state-average. Our graduates are more employable and in a better position to choose the plumbing job they want.

  5. Transition straight into employment when you finish your apprenticeship

    When you complete your Apprenticeship, you can seamlessly transition to our arm that handles qualified labour Plumbing Staff Solutions.

    And when it comes time to start your own business, we’re here to help.

    Full member benefits for participating plumbing businesses, include: product and services discounts, OHS, Industrial Relations, continued professional development, specialist training and more. A lifetime of Master Plumbers membership means a lifetime of business and career support.