No more people problems

Our staff want to work. Our extensive screening process means we vet our candidates thoroughly and can match the right apprentice to your job.

Let us manage the Apprentice so you can focus on business

As a Registered Group Training Organisation, we provide field officers who are regularly in contact with you and the Apprentice on site. The role of our field officers is to help manage your Apprentices through a variety of challenges that may arise.

Professional staff management 

Have you ever had an Apprentice who was experiencing:

  • Problems keeping up with their schooling?
  • Did not pass their journeyman’s exam?
  • Trouble meeting your expectations?
  • Trouble in their outside of work life that impacted on their work?
  • Drug, alcohol or other dependencies?
  • Long term injury?
  • Mental health issues?

The time it takes to manage these issues can lead to a breakdown in the employment relationship. Let us bring in the professionals and ensure that the Apprentice is kept on track and these types of things do not become your problem. 

Training assistance

Master Plumbers also work closely with your Apprentice’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO) (TAFE or PICAC). It’s the RTO’s role to mentor, guide and trouble-shoot. In today’s society and in a 4 year term, may issues can occur. Let us provide you with the staff you need, so you can keep your focus on business and the job at hand.

Qualified labour hire

The same deal applies. If you ever have any concerns, just give your us a call. We will manage the situation professionally, and if necessary, come and take them off your hands.