24 hour turnaround

Get staff immediately, and keep them for as long as you need them.

Labour hire ready-to-go!

Plumbers and Apprentices deployed within 24 hours. We always know who is coming back from existing placements, as we require 7 days notice of return, and in most cases we will have labour ready to go. 

Our advanced management systems and close collaboration with our host employers mean that we can forecast labour requirements and know who is likely to come back, and when. The variety of work provided to our Apprentices in this model means that we create versatile, well-rounded apprentices who are trained from the beginning to fit into workforces of all shapes and sizes. Rest assured, they will be the ‘extra hand’ you need.

Access highly skilled staff

We know our staff’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Many of our staff graduate from our program, that means we’ve trained and mentored most of our staff for 4 years. After graduation, our tried and tested staff are made available to you, through Plumbing Staff Solutions.