A regulated trade in high demand

Plumbing is a sustainable, highly sought after trade in Victoria facing serious skill shortages.

There is a serious and sustained skill shortage for Plumbers in Victoria

With the continued increase in population in Victoria comes investment in construction and renovation. Significant infrastructure projects requiring Plumbers are also underway.

The Department of Jobs and Small Business is making sustained investment in addressing this shortage through additional incentives for training new apprentices. Their key findings can help you understand the underlying demand and problem our industry is facing.

Melbourne's waterways

Melbourne's waterways

Plumbing – it’s not just pipes and toilets

Many are not aware of the breadth of work that a plumbing trade covers – this is why it takes at least 4 years to become proficient in plumbing. 

Plumbers are responsible for maintaining, servicing and installing plumbing systems used for:

  • water supply
  • sanitation
  • gas fitting
  • roofing
  • drainage
  • mechanical services (extraction in commercial buildings and installation of air conditioning plant)
  • fire protection
  • non-agricultural irrigation
  • refrigerated air-conditioning
  • hydronic heating

There are also specialist licenses requiring further training. These include:

  • Back-flow prevention
  • Thermostatic mixing valves
  • Type B Gas Appliance Servicing and Installation

Further information about the types of licensing and registration are available from the VBA.

Feel safe, in a government regulated industry

To ensure the plumbing industry continues to grow in a safe and beneficial way, the industry is regulated. In Victoria, the government regulator is the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), they ensure all practitioners (plumbers) are licensed and registered. To become a plumber, all learners, including apprentices, must train under the supervision of a VBA licensed plumber.

Trust in expert training providers

Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria (PAV) recruits, employs and then places apprentices with plumbing businesses across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. This state government approved scheme provides access to enthusiastic first-year to fourth-year plumbing apprentices for short and long-term placements.

Master Plumbers is here to assist learners get their first plumbing job, train as an apprentice, then graduate as a qualified plumber.