All programs are designed to benefit individuals so that they may further their knowledge in order to advance their own career and to significantly improve the field of plumbing.

The Wylie Trust scholarship

When plumber William Henry Wylie wrote his Last Will and Testament he had in mind the very industry from which he had derived his living.

A $20,000 bequest on the condition that the funds work “for the furtherment of knowledge and advancement of technologies in plumbing” was a legacy that started a tradition and has today seen the development of the Wylie Trust under the patronage of the Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia.

Since 1974 the Association has been true to Wylie’s original sentiment; striving to aid the cultivation and retention of the knowledge and experience within the industry’s existing workforce, in order to inform and educate.

The Wylie Trust Mission

The aim of the Wylie Trust is to foster opportunities for training as well as acknowledgement and recognition of skills, passion, commitment and business acumen.

The funds of the trust are used to grant scholarships to individuals so that they may further their knowledge in order to advance and significantly improve the field of plumbing practices from a sustainable, environmental, resource, health and safety or management perspective, and may include:

  • Development of new training processes
  • Research for a Masters degree, PhD or industry white paper
  • An overseas fact-finding mission

Applications for the 2020 scholarship round will open soon! Keep an eye out on this page for more information.