How to apply

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Undertaking an apprenticeship with Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria (PAV)

As a Group Training Scheme PAV is your legal employer.

  • PAV is responsible for all of your employment arrangements and paying you for the work you undertake.
  • PAV will enrol you in a Certificate III Plumbing course at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This may be the Master Plumbers’ own RTO or another TAFE.
  • PAV will source work placements for you to complete the “on the job” components of your apprenticeship. These placements with a host employer may vary in length from as little as a week through to the whole of your apprenticeship. Your work placements may be changed due to the demand for labour by the host or by planned rotation to ensure that you work in all areas of plumbing during your apprenticeship.
Wages and Conditions

How to Apply

PAV recruits throughout the year depending on Host Employer demand, so there is no “cut-off” date for applications.

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