Step-by-step guide

Here are the 10 steps to start a plumbing career with Australia's largest and most influential plumbing association.

  1. Apply for a pumbing apprenticeship with Master Plumbers

    Applying for an apprenticeship is like applying for a job. Successful applicants will receive an offer of employment. As a Master Plumbers apprentice you will receive career guidance and regular, paid work-placements in a variety of plumbing disciplines.

    Meet the employer: Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria

    Apply for an Australian Plumbing Apprenticeship

  2. Read our employment information

    It’s important all applicants know what they’re signing up for. It’s also a legal requirement that you read all documentation about the terms of Apprenticeship.

    This documentation is also a great way to learn more about the Master Plumbers training, health and safety, professional standards and employment opportunities.

    Please note: If your application is successful, these documents and other essential information will be covered during your job interview and pre-employment induction.

    View all required reading

  3. Attend a job interview

    Get to know our leadership team and your Field Officers. Our aim is to make sure you’re going to get the right training that best suit needs.

    Applicants who progress to this stage will be asked to:

    • Attend an interview in person, located at our Head Office
    • Complete a short literacy and numeracy test

    Please note, these tests are conducted to ensure applicants have a literacy and numeracy level suitable to be able to complete a Plumbing Apprenticeship. Being able to calculate volumes, flow rates, areas and read, interpret and understand complex Australian Standards and other Codes are essential.

  4. Receive an offer of Employment

    Applicants who pass the interview will be invited to a pre-employment induction.

    Well done! You’ve made it this far – but there are still a few things both you and we need to be sure about. 

    Before commencing work, all new employees (or apprentices) will be required to complete a practical OHS Induction to ensure you have basic hand skills, use ladders and the like.

    Following this, you will be required to attend a comprehensive pre-employment medical examination which includes a full toxicology (drug) screening. The answers you provide in your application form will be provided to the Doctor to assess your capacity to work as a Plumbing Apprentice.

    Please note that drug residues store in the body following cessation of use – the times vary depending on the drug. Our experience is that apprentices using Marijuana for example can return a positive result even 3 months after last use.

    You’ll learn more about this during your induction.

  5. Get your kit! We'll fit you up with new tools and workwear

    During induction we will size you up for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and your uniform. We pay for the PPE and uniform up to the limits set in the PAV EBA.

    You will also be required to ensure you obtain your initial toolkit. We have a preferential rate with Total Tools and Milwaukee exclusive to PAV Apprentices.

    Please note, Apprentices are required to use and/or wear the correct PPE at all times whilst working for your employer. More information will be provided during your induction.

  6. Get your first plumbing job

    Our Host Employer scheme is the only one of its kind dedicated to Plumbing in Victoria. The scheme is designed to make sure our learners don’t get bogged down doing the same repetitive job for the term of their apprenticeship.

    Master Plumbers Apprentices benefit from regular work placements in all plumbing streams, including:

    • Water
    • Sanitary plumbing
    • Drainage
    • Mechanical Services
    • Roofing
    • Gas Services
  7. Start your training in Victoria's state-of-the-art facilities

    All apprentices do their off-site training at a Registered Training Organisation of PAV’s choice. We however involve you in that choice.

    PAV Apprentices receive access to conduct their training at the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre, or PICAC in one of three locations in Victoria

    Read more about our training facilities

  8. Complete the Certificate III in Plumbing

    You must complete formal training in the Certificate III in Plumbing as part of your apprenticeship.

    It is usually taught over 27 weeks, 9 weeks per year over the first 3 years of your Apprenticeship.

    Read the Certificate III in Plumbing course guide

  9. Complete your apprenticeship and continue your career with Master Plumbers

    Now you’ve completed your formal training, you will need to sit your journeyman’s exam, complete your apprenticeship and continue working as a plumber

    Commonly referred to as the Journeymans’ exam, our graduates consistently pass this exam well ahead of the curve and are among the most employable plumbers in the state.

    Read more about plumbing registration

  10. Continue your journey with Master Plumbers

    Master Plumbers’ job career support doesn’t end after your apprenticeship. From our employee’s first job, to starting their own business or assistance with succession planning and retirement, we’re here to help.

    The next step for all registered plumbers is to go for your plumbing license and specialise in your preferred field of plumbing.

    Read more about plumbing licensing and training options