Train with Master Plumbers

Master Plumbers is the leading apprentice training provider in Victoria.

5 reasons why you should go with Master Plumbers

  1. We match your skills and experience with the right training pathway

    The Master Plumbers Apprenticeship Team are always available and easy to talk to. The team assists all learners, parents and teachers, from their first application enquiry to graduation and full employment.

    Our understanding of career pathways gets learners on the right track, fast.

  2. Benefit from job placements in all 6 plumbing streams

    Our Host Employment scheme is the only one of its kind in Victoria. The scheme is designed to make sure our learners don’t get bogged down doing the same repetitive job for the term of their apprenticeship.

    Master Plumbers Apprentices benefit from regular work placements in all plumbing streams, including: Water, Sanitary, Drainage, Mechanical Services, Roofing and Gas Services.


  3. Get exclusive use of Victoria's best training facility

    The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) is the most innovative training complex in Victoria.

    Master Plumbers is the only plumbing training provider with access to these unique and highly sought after facilities.

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  4. Graduate ahead of the curve

    Our graduating students exceed industry expectation.

    When it’s time to sit your final exam, our apprentices can rest easy knowing our average pass rate is above the state-average. Our graduates are more employable and in a better position to choose the plumbing job they want.

  5. Access career-support for life

    Master Plumbers’ job support doesn’t end after graduation. From our learner’s first job, to starting their own business or assistance with succession planning and retirement, we’re here to help.

    Full member benefits for participating plumbing businesses, include: product and services discounts, continued professional development, specialist training and more. A lifetime of Master Plumbers membership means a lifetime of business and career support.

  6. Master Plumbers is a Group Training Organisation

    Group Training schemes create quality employment and training opportunities for plumbing apprentices and provide a range of experience in a number of different businesses.

    Master Plumbers offers a professional training and employment scheme. Our Group Training Organisation (GTO) is called Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria (PAV). PAV recruits future and current apprentices under an Apprenticeship/Traineeship Training Contract and place them with ‘host’ employers to gain qualifications and skills at trade school and get hands-on experience.

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