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Find out more about our CPD program and how you can participate.

Keep up-to-date with Master Plumbers’ CPD

Our structured CPD program helps you and your team to stay current with changing trends, new technology, new regulations and new technical requirements.

Every year, we’ll encourage you to keep learning by completing 12 ‘points’ of learning activities.  Learning activities might include attending a course (up to 4 points), watching online training (1 point per hour) or reading technical information sheets (1 point per hour) or trade magazines (1 point).   Approved activities cover technical and practical plumbing skills or are related to the broader skills including business management, OHS and workplace relations.

We know many plumbers are already undertaking regular upskilling and training, so we won’t create new work for you.  Instead, our program is designed to make it easy for you to find new learning opportunities and keep track of your learning.

Find out more about Master Plumbers CPD

The CPD program will work on an annual cycle from 1 July to 30 June (the Master Plumbers membership period).  Participants will be asked to earn 12 CPD points each year to meet the requirements for CPD.  There may also be specific activities required, depending on your licensing and registration.

Lists of approved courses and the points they earn are contained in our  CPD library and within the CPD toolbox (which you can sign up for below).

The CPD program is currently voluntary.  It is a free initiative delivered by Master Plumbers to support the future of the industry and we highly encourage all plumbers to participate.

Within a CPD year (ie 1 July to 30 June), regulator requirements (eg. a decision by the VBA) may mean that there is some mandatory training activity for you complete.   This will depend on whether you are a licensed or registered plumber and what category of license you hold.   

If there is no mandatory training required, then you can choose your preferred activities from a range of ‘approved’ CPD activities:

  • Each year, you can earn up to four CPD points from ‘self directed learning activities’ such as reading technical solution sheets from VBA or others, reading trade publications or completing online training from manufacturers
  • The remaining 8 points per year need to be attained from ‘approved’ attendance based learning, such as post-apprenticeship training run by organisations like Master Plumbers, CEPUTEC, Fire Industry Training, RMIT or training by manufacturers.     Attendance at selected industry meetings, expos or conferences can also count as attendance based learning.

This page and our CPD library show the activities which our industry-based CPD Advisory Committee has approved. We plan to keep adding new courses and more learning activities.

The table below shows the types of activities and how many points they attract.   You can also see the points earned for specific activities here or in our CPD toolbox.

Attendance based programs
Type of CPD activities CPD points allocated
Accredited Training and Qualifications
(e.g. at Master Plumbers RTO)
As displayed per qualification
Participation in industry meetings
(e.g. Master Plumbers Divisions, National Council, Board)
1 point per hour
(maximum of 4 CPD points allowed per CPD year for, Board and National Council meetings and the AGM)
Approved Industry Seminars 1 point per hour or as determined per activity
Approved Networking Events 1 point per hour or as determined per event
Approved online courses 1 point per hour
Approved Workshops 1 point per hour or as determined per workshop
Trade shows/Exhibitions 1 point per hour or as determined per Expo
(e.g. World Plumbing Conference)
1 point per day or as determined per
In-house learning
(e.g. lunch and learns, toolbox chats and approved product presentations)
1 point per hour
Self-directed learning activities

NB:  A maximum of 4 points can be earned from self-directed learning activities.

CPD activity CPD points allocated
Webinars, podcasts and e-Learning activities 1 point per hour
Reading of online articles and trade journals 1 point per hour

Our industry based CPD Advisory Committee has approved a wide range of courses and learning activities for Victorian plumbers to complete. Click here to see the details.   This information is also available in our CPD toolbox (see below)

If you have undertaken a learning activity which you think should earn CPD points but isn’t approved, email [email protected] and we’ll follow up to see if it can be added to our program.

Our CPD program is designed for both registered and licensed plumbers.

Our CPD toolbox is the place to track your points.    This allows you to simply upload the points you’ve earned, see if any mandatory courses are required and track how many points you’ve earned this year.

Step 1 :   Follow the Sign up for CPD today link   below to go the Victorian CPD toolbox

Step 2:  Click on Create New Account and create your own individual CPD profile.  This will ask you for details about your license and registration

Step 3:  Once you have a profile, you can select from our drop down list any learning activities you’ve completed since 1 July.

You can log back into the toolbox at any time to add more activities and to see how many points you’ve already earned.

Master Plumbers is committed to the future of plumbing in Victoria.

Our structured CPD program is designed to help plumbers stay up to date and access the types of learning activities they need to keep current with new technology and changes in standards.

Protecting the health and safety of our community and the reputation of the plumbing industry is a core part of our mission.

No.   This program is an initiative for all plumbers and plumbing companies.

Please complete the Training Provider Application Form and send through to [email protected]. From here your application will be reviewed and sent through to the CPD Advisory Committee for approval.

If you have any questions not answered above, please don’t hesitate to contact
[email protected] or (03) 9329 9622.

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