Master Plumbers member complaints policy

Master Plumbers is committed to the resolution of consumer complaints against its members in a fair and impartial manner.

About our complaints process

At Master Plumbers we are committed to ensuring all members conduct themselves and their businesses professionally and ethically, to ensure that when you use a Master Plumbers member, you can rest assured you are getting the best. 

All Master Plumbers members are required to abide by the Rules of Association and adhere to a Code of Ethics.  In upholding these standards, Master Plumbers follows a strict policy on how it handles complaints against active members.  The key stages of this process are outlined below.

Before lodging a complaint, please note:

  • A party who has a complaint against a member of Master Plumbers, should first contact the plumber in question. In many cases the plumber will have an internal complaints process to be undertaken. If no attempt has been made to rectify the issue with the plumber, Master Plumbers will not progress the complaint handling process any further
  • If the complainant has already lodged a formal complaint/investigation with the plumber, or with another body (eg the VBA or lawyers), Master Plumbers may not progress its complaint handling process until those formal investigations have closed.

How to lodge a complaint

  • Members or consumers who have an unresolved complaint, should raise the issue with a member of the Master Plumbers membership team in a timely manner on 9329 9622 or via email at [email protected]
  • Once a complaint is raised, the Master Plumbers Technical team will conduct an informal review of the complaint, with the objective of mediating an open discussion and outcome between member and the complainant.
  • If a satisfactory outcome is not achieved, a formal complaint can be lodged in writing via the Master Plumbers Member Complaints Form.
  • Master Plumbers Technical team shall then conduct a formal review of the written complaint, seek the member’s response and further input from other parties as needed.
  • All parties to the complaint will be informed of outcomes relating to the complaint.

For any questions or assistance, please email [email protected].