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The strength and convenience of the Phoenix Builders brand

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The Phoenix Builders collections feature timeless, understated design and high-quality construction, ideal for any kitchen and bathroom.

The strength and convenience of the Phoenix Builders brand

The products offered in these collections have been specially selected to suit the needs of builders. They are convenient to install and are a budget friendly option for bulk builds. Yet they are on-trend in style and finishes.

All these factors combine to enable you to offer a competitive edge with your tender submissions.

Phoenix Builders helps make your job easier

In the Phoenix Builders Collection, the rough-in kits and trim kits are sold separately for Shower/Wall Mixers, Shower/Bath Diverter Mixers and Wall Mixer Sets. This allows plumbers to complete the rough-in stage before the final tapware selection needs to be made. Each of the Builders rough-in kits are suitable for use with Arlo, Ivy MKII, Pina or Teva products.

There are benefits to the plumber in being able to purchase rough-in kits and trim kits separately.  It assists with cash flow as payments are staggered, and there is no worry with storing, losing or damaging trim kits as they can be bought just prior to fit-off.

After the rough-in kit has been installed, plaster and wall tiles can go ahead to keep the job moving. Then at fit-off stage, the trim kit, in the chosen Phoenix Builders collection, is purchased and installed. This stage can be carried out by an apprentice if need be.

Phoenix Builders collection offers on-trend finishes and styles at a budget to suit

Phoenix understands the competitive nature of the building market and the need to be able to offer your client a competitive price point while not sacrificing current trends.

The Phoenix Builders collections are available across four finishes - Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Nickel and introducing Brushed Gold.

The latest addition to the Phoenix Builders collection is Ivy MKII in Matte Black and the Arlo collection in Brushed Gold.Matte Black has proven to be a popular finish with the building trade and Phoenix recognised the need to extend the in-demand Ivy MKII collection to offer this finish. 

Matte Black is a confident, stylish statement that will complement a simple, monochromatic environment while also flourishing in bold and colourful surrounds featuring terrazzo and pastel hues. When pairing Matte Black with white in a bathroom, try adding timber in other fittings such as the vanity, to refine the look.

Brushed Gold is flawlessly on-trend as we have seen in some recent home makeover TV shows. When combined with the organic shapes and softened geometrics of the Arlo collection, you can take your styling to the next level for your clients.

The warm tone of our Brushed Gold finish is characterised by the muted lines across its surface and its soft metallic hue. It is a modern spin on traditional gold tapware finish and can be paired with earthen, natural tones found in terracotta and stone. Alternatively, Brushed Gold works beautifully when combined with blush tones from nude through to pinks.

Phoenix Builders offer you a one-stop solution for tapware, showers and accessories

In addition to the accessories and showers on offer from the Phoenix Builders collections, you can also look to the Phoenix brand. Phoenix has a wide range of accessories and showers that can be paired perfectly to supplement the Phoenix Builders collection, available in all finishes.

The convenience of being able to select tapware, showers and accessories that all complement their respective design aesthetic allows you to create a cohesive look throughout a bathroom and indeed, throughout an entire home with multiple bathrooms as well as the kitchen, butlers pantry and laundry.

Have confidence in installing product backed by a strong warranty

The Phoenix Builders collections are back by a strong warranty program.  Manufactured to the highest quality, precision and durability are no exception with the product supplied under the Phoenix Builders brand.

All cartridges are covered by a 15-year warranty. Products, parts and chrome finishes are covered for 7 years, one year on labour and one year on non-chrome finishes (Matte Black, Brushed Nickel and Brushed Gold).  To read more about the Phoenix Builders warranty click here and refer to section 2.3 on page 3.

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