Your rights and responsibilities

Make sense of awards, wages and general conditions of employment with Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria.

Pay rates

Pay rates for apprentices and qualified plumbers vary depending on:

  • Number of years served
  • When you started (before or after 1/1/2010)
  • The formal wage arrangement you started on
  • Education level
  • Other allowances

What should I get paid?

With tools such as Award Finder and PayCheck, the Fair Work Ombudsman website can help you find the award that applies to your work
Contact details for the Fair Work Ombudsman to get information that applies to your specific situation

For most apprenticeships the wage is calculated as a percentage of the professional wage.

Apprentices may also be paid additional allowances such as travel and fares where appropriate. A plumbing apprentice will be paid under a State or Federal Award, Australian Workplace Agreement (AWA) or an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA).

Apprentice conditions

Employment conditions for plumbing apprentices are the same as for other employees working in the plumbing industry through an Award or Employment Agreement.

Employers need to make sure apprentices have:

  • every opportunity to learn the skills and acquire the knowledge of their trade or traineeship
  • access to structured on and/or off-the-job training
  • paid time off work to attend training when necessary
  • a safe working environment
  • As the employer, it is your responsibility to inform your apprentice of the employment conditions under which they will be working. Employment conditions that are required by law include:
    • wages and awards
    • pay slip
    • leave (personal leave, annual leave, parental leave, compassionate leave)
    • allowances (tool allowance, uniform or laundry allowance, travel allowance)
    • employer superannuation contributions
    • and more

Get more information on the wage and conditions applying to Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria (PAV) by downloading our information sheet.