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Residential Tenancies Regulation 2021

The Gas safety check information in the Residential Tenancies Regulation 2021 is as follows,

2. Gas safety activities

  1. The safety-related activities in subclauses (2) and (3) only apply if the rented premises contain any appliances, fixtures or fittings which use or supply gas.
  2. The residential rental provider must ensure that a gas safety check of all gas installations and fittings in the rented premises is conducted every 2 years by a licenced or registered Type A appliance service gasfitter and must provide the renter with the date of the most recent safety check, in writing, on request by the renter.
  3. If a gas safety check has not been conducted within the last 2 years at the time the renter occupies the premises, the residential rental provider must arrange a gas safety check as soon as practicable.

gas safety check means-

(a) the following gas installation checks-

  • that LPG cylinders and associated gas components are installed correctly;
  • that appliance gas isolation valves are installed where required by AS/NZS 5601.1 “Gas installations”, as published or amended from time to time;
  • that gas appliances and their components are accessible for servicing and adjustment;
  • that the gas installation is electrically safe;
  • that clearances from appliances to combustible surfaces are in accordance with installation instructions and AS/NZS5601.1 “Gas installations”, as published or amended from time to time;
  • that there is adequate ventilation for appliances to operate safely;
  • that gas appliances (including cookers) are adequately restrained from tipping over;
  • checking the condition of gas appliance flue systems including chimneys;
  • checking gas appliances for evidence of certification; and 

(b) testing gas installations for leakage;

(c) servicing gas appliances as follows-

  • (i) a clean of all dust and debris from appliances including burner, pilot, fan, filters and air intakes;
  • (ii) a check of the integrity of the heat exchanger;
  • (iii) a check of the gas supply and appliance operating pressures;
  • (iv) a check that the gas appliance burner ignition is reliable and complete;
  • (v) a check for any gas appliance flame abnormality;
  • (vi) a check of the operation of the gas appliance, including safety devices;
  • (vii) a combustion spillage test in accordance with Appendix F of AS4575 “Gas appliances- Servicing of Type A appliances”, as published or amended from time to time, after service or repair of the heater;

record keeping (1) For the purposes of section 68B of the Act, the prescribed requirements for the keeping and production of records of gas safety checks conducted at the rented premises are the following-

(a) a record of a gas safety check must include the following information-

  • (i) the name of the licensed or registered gasfitter who conducted the check;
  • (ii) the licence or registration number of the licensed or registered gasfitter who conducted the check;
  • (iii) the date the check was conducted; (iv) the results of the check, including any servicing and repairs required and actions taken to address the repair;

(b) a record of a gas safety check must be kept until a record of the next gas safety check is created;

(c) a copy of the most recent gas safety check must be provided to the renter within 7 days after receipt by a residential rental provider of a written request from the renter.

An electronic gas safety checklist is currently under development by ESV and will be released shortly.

Residential Tenancies Regulation 2021

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